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We've loved every minute of our journey

An Idea Is Born

Sid and Lily became official sweethearts in 2007 and tied the knot in 2014, but it was faith and circumstance that brought Lily and Sid together almost 20 years ago! Lily was born in Los, Angeles, California and Sid was born in McAllen, Texas which is where they met on a camping trip in their teens. It wasn’t until they reconnected in Portland, Oregon several years later that they realized they were not only soulmates, but they both shared a mutual passion for dogs. Both were pursuing a veterinary career in college and gaining managerial experience and canine knowledge by working for the corporate office of one of the biggest pet hospitals in the nation. 

During this period, they began to care for dogs for free in order to gain more personal experience with different breeds. It didn’t take long for Sid and Lily to realize they were hooked to pet sitting! The experience of sharing their home with so many different beautiful fur babies made them want to focus on this new endeavor full-time so they both resigned from the corporate world and put college on pause. Today, their hearts, time, and energy are fully invested in providing the best home away from home for all the Woof-Tastics entrusted in their care as well as their own five furbabies which love and enjoy the company of their large Woof-Tastic Family.

Meet The Pack Leaders



Pack Manager (2022)

Kiara has over a year experience as a Rover sitter. She's currently a student at Reed College studying sociology & ethnic studies. 



Pack Leader (2022)

Nakaiah is the proud paw-rent of a sweet girl named Hazel. She loves working with dogs and all their different personalities. 



Pack Leader (2023)

Jupiter has been working with dogs since 2021. He has always been a dog lover and has owned several dogs of his own. Jupiter is also currently studying psychology in college. 



Social Media Manager (2022)

Aaliyah has lived in the PNW for most of her life, and her passion is to work with dogs. She was a designated dog sitter for all of her family and friends when they'd all go out of town. 



Pack Leader (2022)

Ariana went vegan about 5 years ago because of her love for animals. If she's not at the playhouse, you'll find her at home with her 4 cats that get all her attention. 



Pack Leader (2022)

Timmy is a proud parent to a little zoo at home that includes snakes, fish, beetles, mice, cats, rabbits and more. They'll be going to school to become an exotic vet tech.



Pack Leader (2023)

Pierce is a PNW native and is a former CNA. He enjoys many of the same things our canine friends do which is eat, sleep & play. 

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